Transparent Glitter Adhesive Vinyl Sheets

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Permanent Adhesive
Semi-Transparent; Glitter

Transparent Glitter Adhesive Vinyl

Our Transparent Glitter adhesive vinyl has a permanent adhesive that allows the light to shine through their vibrantly colored glitter. With an outdoor rating of 5+ years, you can transform your windows or glassware into a magical work of art!

We offer Transparent Glitter adhesive vinyl in 19 eye-catching colors and 2 different sizes: 12"x12" and 12"x24".

Cut Settings: 


    • Blade: Standard
    • Setting: Vinyl

Silhouette Cameo®

    • Blade: 2
    • Speed: 7
    • Thickness: 5

*Cut settings can differ from each machine due to blade sharpness, vinyl type, etc. Test cuts are strongly recommended!*