EasyWeed® Stretch

Siser EasyWeed® Stretch provides you with all of the same dependable qualities you've come to expect from EasyWeed® and added super stretchability to create a uniquely remarkable heat transfer material. Thinner than regular EasyWeed®, this stretch material is ideal for performance materials.

We offer Siser EasyWeed® Stretch heat transfer vinyl in 26 colors and 3 different sizes: 12"x12", 12"x24", and 12"x5ft.

 **ATTENTION** If you have purchased Easyweed Stretch within the last few months you may be experiencing application failures.  Siser has announced that Stretch now needs to be applied at a higher temperature than the 305°F that was previously instructed. It is now recommended that all Stretch applications be done at 320°F for 20 seconds with FIRM pressure.