About Us

There are about a zillion places to buy vinyl online these days, and trying to decide which one to by from can be, well, overwhelming to say the least. As "informed shoppers" we are all trying to compare prices, reviews, quality, etc. while wanting to guarantee that the money we've spent is going to a trustworthy source...a company that is going to ship our order to us fast and hassle free. Because let's be honest, we just want to play with our new craft supplies!

Standout Vinyl was created by vinyl professionals (yes, we've decided that's a thing) to help share knowledge and provide quality vinyl at awesome prices. The faces behind Standout Vinyl have been in the craft vinyl industry for many years, working closely with the vinyl manufacturers. And while we knew that there were more than enough companies selling vinyl online already, we decided that the crafters of the world needed a better option. We had heard so many horror stories of people getting ripped off in one way or another, and we wanted to give people a better choice. 

Our goal with Standout Vinyl is to be a fun, easy place to not only order vinyl and have it shipped out to you on the same day, but also to ask questions and post all of the amazing creations you've made. In all of our years working with vinyl, not a day goes by that we aren't blown away by the kindness and creativity of the crafting community! 

From all of us here at Standout Vinyl, thank you for stopping by! We hope we can earn your business and be your go-to source for craft vinyl supplies. Feel free to click that little chat bubble down in the corner and hit us up with any questions or concerns, we love hearing from everyone!